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A Presto Photography
FotograafA Presto Photography
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Portret, Natuur, Paarden, Honden, Gebouwen/Woningen, Product, etc.

I...I never dreamed I'd be a photographer...well I should say a photographer who gets paid:) I started officially shooting about 8 years ago, and have been blessed to make something out of this talent ever since. I'm based in Holland, Drenthe, and I can truly say...I love what I do! I know and understand that my business and success has only come to me because of you, my clients, friends and family. If you have any questions please e-mail me at aprestophotography@gmail.com... or you can call me at 0031 (0)521 34 5555 / 0031 (0)6 270 53 275  A Presto! Vera Westerveld


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Begindatum9-10-2016 12:24
Einddatum9-10-2016 12:38
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Begindatum29-6-2014 13:06
Einddatum29-6-2014 17:52
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Slow Food BBQ Workshop
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Begindatum21-6-2014 17:32
Einddatum21-6-2014 20:35
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Begindatum29-4-2014 15:15
Einddatum29-4-2014 16:08
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Fotoshoot van Zusjes Daphne en Daniëlle
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Begindatum26-4-2014 12:17
Einddatum26-4-2014 12:41
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zusjes Leanne en Nicole
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Begindatum8-2-2014 12:07
Einddatum8-2-2014 16:48
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Italiaanse middag wijnhandel Eleveld
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Begindatum19-12-2013 17:10
Einddatum19-12-2013 20:13
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Kerstfair 2013
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Begindatum21-7-2013 12:08
Einddatum21-7-2013 13:03
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Zusjes Suurd
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Begindatum4-7-2013 13:09
Einddatum4-7-2013 14:36
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Begindatum23-6-2013 13:23
Einddatum23-6-2013 15:04
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Fotoshoot model Danielle
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Begindatum5-6-2013 19:14
Einddatum17-1-2014 11:52
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Profiel foto's
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Begindatum28-1-2013 10:13
Einddatum28-1-2013 14:00
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Een andere kijk op Urk
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Begindatum24-1-2013 14:46
Einddatum3-12-2013 10:43
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Grondverzetbedrijf Haveman Dieverbrug
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Begindatum14-6-2011 18:22
Einddatum25-4-2013 17:45
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Begindatum10-11-2006 19:09
Einddatum7-5-2013 9:24
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