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In mappen van Leon Vonk
Leon Vonk
FotograafLeon Vonk
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Sparky is a young photographer from Utrecht, the Netherlands

My name is Leon ‘Sparky’ Vonk, a young and aspiring photographer from Utrecht, the Netherlands. I have a passion for photographing historic places, beautiful landscapes and wild animals. Over time I have seen many countries and have been able to capture their beauties on camera. What started out as a hobby turned into a passion quickly and now, for the first time, I have started my very own website! My mission is to help people figure out what countries have to offer by telling my stories and showing my photo’s.


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Begindatum28-3-2017 13:30
Einddatum2-4-2017 20:49
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Photographs from all over Portugal
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Begindatum29-11-2015 4:10
Einddatum3-11-2016 2:55
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Photographs from various places in the world