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In mappen van OFOTO - Ray van Schaffelaar
OFOTO - Ray van Schaffelaar
FotograafOFOTO - Ray van Schaffelaar
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Welcome to my Photo Database

You can search photos by date, and choose your language. (here on the right side >>>) Search the date I took a picture of you on the street in Amsterdam or somewhere else. Thank you for supporting me, so I will be able to keep on making photos as a freelance photographer ! Example photos, which will open in a pop-up screen, have a low resolution quality & a watermark. However, downloaded / ordered photos have an excellent quality, and ofcoarse without watermark. Because of different crop sizes of photos, not all photos can be ordered in the same formats. If you do want to order a specific format (which is not included) mail me and I will help you with that. Mail me at: info@ofoto.nl Kind regards, Ray van Schaffelaar


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Begindatum25-9-2016 12:29
Einddatum25-9-2016 17:05
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The Distinguised Gentleman's Ride
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Begindatum2-4-2016 14:51
Einddatum2-4-2016 14:51
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Begindatum26-11-2015 11:09
Einddatum26-11-2015 11:09
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Lost in Amsterdam - Blurb
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Begindatum5-10-2015 12:24
Einddatum5-10-2015 12:57
Aantal foto's25
Monday [05-10-2015] Amsterdam - Museum Square
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Begindatum4-10-2015 11:48
Einddatum4-10-2015 12:43
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[04-10-2015] People on Museum Square
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Begindatum2-10-2015 16:00
Einddatum2-10-2015 16:33
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Friday [ 02-10-2015 ] People on Museum Square
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Begindatum1-10-2015 10:42
Einddatum1-10-2015 12:53
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Thursday [ 01-10-2015 ] People on Museum Square
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Begindatum30-4-2015 12:54
Einddatum30-4-2015 13:40
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Photo reportage Overdiemen
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Begindatum18-8-2012 16:22
Einddatum28-7-2015 18:27
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Fotoreportage Prague 2014 & 2015
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Begindatum4-8-2012 15:30
Einddatum4-8-2012 15:30
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Sport photographs
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Begindatum5-8-2010 14:58
Einddatum18-7-2015 16:31
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Photo art about Jazz Music
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Begindatum5-6-2008 22:21
Einddatum28-7-2013 13:30
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photos made in Europe
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Begindatum19-4-2008 1:52
Einddatum6-12-2015 11:48
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Begindatum8-4-2008 22:48
Einddatum21-1-2016 12:33
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Reportages from Diemen
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Begindatum26-9-2007 22:57
Einddatum8-11-2015 12:37
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